Sunday, August 1, 2010

Final Conclusions

This blog didn't evolve into something I can hand to another teacher so they can follow it and create a Book Trailer using iMovie.  I meant it to go in that direction, but just like computers the blog and the project had a mind of their own and created their own path.

Now that I'm finished, I've decided it doesn't bother me because I think iMovie is a bit much for the average (I said average , not G/T ) elementary school child who attends a north of the freeway school and hasn't home access to the latest and greatest techno toys. 

Creating this Book Trailer took me at least 12 hours.  I'm fairly computer savvy and very focused when it comes to working with technology  - other words, I am not a distractable 9 year old.  There is no way a classroom teacher in a north of the freeway school can devote 12+ hours of class time to creating Book Trailers.   Animoto gives you the same effect in 1/4 of the time.  

Final conclusions are  that I'm going to spend some time with iPhoto to see if it's a bit more intuitive.  And that I'd better find and sign up for an iMovie class.  ASAP.

Oops - the Story Board or Lack There Of....

iMovie doesn't require a story board, in fact it comes with a built in one. You pull all your pictures in and move and arrange them to suit yourself. Hence - no scanned story board.

The Final Product

Thing 5 - Finished! (Maybe)

I think I have a finished product.  Only problem is I don't know how I managed to create said finished product.  I drafted Dear Daughter into helping me.  

The conversation went like this:

Me : "How did you turn those pictures into a movie?"
DD: "I clicked around."
Me: " But, where did you click around?"
DD: "I don't remember. I just clicked till I got it"
Me: " I saw you check a site on the internet - where did you go?"
DD: "It wouldn't help you, all it did was confirm that iMovie 09 sucks. And iMovie does suck.   The older version is much better". 

I  do know how to add text,  transitions and how to import music into iTunes so that I can add a musical background.   I also know you stretch the music to fit the pictures.  Oh, I can upload it to Youtube - that part is easy. 

Things I Learned regarding iMovie

  1. The program is not very intuitive. 
  2. A mouse is essential.  Not just any mouse but a good, designed for precision work mouse.
  3. In addition to the mouse you need excellent finger finger motions and the patience of Job.
  4. If you are doing a booktrailer you had better LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the book you are trailering   because you and said book are going to be spending a lot of quality time together.
  5. It takes a lot of time to make an iMovie.  I would say I spent about 12 hours creating a 2 min. clip

Observations regarding iMovie

  1. After making 1 movie I am so NOT ready to teach anyone else how to make an iMovie. I need another class and / or some more experience.
  2. One either loves makes videos or one doesn't. I fear I am in the latter camp.
  3. I'm not sure if young elementary age children have the necessary fine finger motion skills to use this program.  
  4. iMovie is something that needs to be taught to a small group of about 4, who then teach another 4 and so forth.  It's to complex to be presented to an entire class of 3rd graders at once.
  5. iMovie is ideal for the older G/T child with computer smarts - they will putter with it for for hours, leaving the teacher free to work the rest of the class.  Instant differentiation 
  6. I think Animoto is much better for elementary school children. iPhoto might work too. The students could make their slides in Keynote and then save them as a jpeg and move them to iPhoto.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still at It

I'm working in iPhoto simply because I've not worked with it before and I MUST become more proficient before school begins. 

I have my pictures....and in my quest to add text I've found some more resources....

This tutorial is most helpful.  Very well done and easy to follow. The author uses the postcard feature in iPhoto

Here is another one that suggests making a slide in Keynote and then saving it as a jpeg.

This idea suggests, rather than making a card, make a book - also via iPhoto

Monday, July 26, 2010

StoryBoard Templates

I don't ever StoryBoard even though I know I'm SUPPOSED to do so.  I also never write rough drafts or brainstorm or do any other "pre writing" activity.  Instead, I tuck my idea in the back of my brain, let it percolate and then after a day or two or three or maybe four it bursts forth as "The Semi -Finished Product".  That gets an edit or two and there you are.

But I realize this is a learned skill and elementary students need to use storyboards which are sort of like training wheels on a bicycle.

Some sites:  I like this one because it's digital.  Scroll down to the middle of the site to find the storyboard